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Audio-Video Production

Audio-Video Production

Workshops, seminars and courses are recorded in high quality audio visual formats and released in Open Source along with full course materials under Creative Commons License by Attribution 2.5 India.

The recorded courseware of the lectures would be available in multiple audio visual formats for download and distribution at cost, to any individual/institution after completing the post production work.

Formats Available

Following media formats are provided

Courseware will be available soon

Following coursewares are under post production work and will be available soon. (Click here to view or download unedited courseware)

Category Courseware Title Speaker Courseware Date Availble (Month)
Miscellaneous PG Orientation Programme 2012
Open Courseware

Prof. Milind Sohoni
Computer Science & Engineering, IIT Bombay

13 Jul -
14 Jul 2012
August 2012