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About the Mission
Every Indian learner deserves to be given a chance to have the highest quality education. Scarcity of trained teachers critically hinders this national desire. This project envisions empowerment of teachers, through workshops conducted for thousands of teachers at one go, using a unique blend of technology and an innovative pedagogy. Thousands have experienced the effectiveness of this approach, and of the resulting open source contents.

New technologies and tools are developed to further enhance the educational experience. Application development and content porting to Aakash tablet is being ramped up.

Work is done in synergetic collaboration with sister projects at IIT Bombay, such as eLearning Animation, Spoken tutorials, Virtual labs, and FOSSEE.
Current Activities
Empowerment of Teachers
The "Teach 1000 Teachers" programme was initiated in 2009, to enhance the teaching skills of engineering faculty. Participants attend workshops conducted by expert faculty,  in multiple remote centers. Lectures are delivered at IIT Bombay,  using multi-way visual interaction. Tutorials and labs are conducted at remote centers by a local senior faculty, trained earlier by the expert.

Using ICT to scale up participation, and retaining the small-group environment of labs, is established as an effective methodology. Read More...

Audio-Video Production
Workshops, seminars and courses are recorded in high quality audio visual formats and released in Open Source along with full course materials under Creative Commons License by Attribution 2.5 India.

The recorded courseware of the lectures would be available in multiple audio visual formats for download and distribution at cost, to any individual/institution after completing the post production work. Read More...

Clicker : Student Responce System (SRS) for Classroom
The Clicker, a handheld device provided to each student in a class, improves student participation and interaction in a classroom. It provides real time feedback to the instructor, for gauging the level of understanding of the students, through instant quizzes. This enhances the effectiveness of the lectures.

A version of the clicker incorporates a microphone, to permit voice communication in a large class. Read More...

Web Portal
This is an interactive web portal which incorporates a content management system. It is created using a framework based on Joomla, and provides a collaborative platform to learners. This will host the relevant Open Source e-contents, which will be continuously expanded through contributions by users.

The portal is deployed on a mini-cloud, permitting access to thousands of concurrent learners. Read More...

ProxyMITY : Multimedia Lecture Integration Tool
ProxyMITY is an Open Source tool for creation of dynamic, rich-media interactive lessons, from recorded video lectures. These are released under Creative Commons License. The published lectures are available to learners at their personal convenience.

A searchable database is being created, for linking all the lessons. This will provides quick access to relevant lessions on required topics. Read More...

Aakash Development
Aakash project at Indian Institute of Technology Bombay, is dedicated to the development of useful applications and content for use with Aakash. It attempts to empower teachers, by using a unique blend of technology, e-content, and an innovative pedagogy. While the main focus of this project is on engineering education, it is proposed to use the creative talent of these professional students and teachers, to develop applications and content for all levels of education, including school education, in Indian languages Read More...

Project Statistics
Total Counts
Empowered Teachers : 21663
Remote Centers : 591
Distinct Colleges : 3326

Conducted Workshops : 74
Teachers Workshop : 40
Coordinators Workshop : 31

People Think
Overall Experience of Workshops
Excellent : 45%, Good : 46%, Satisfactory : 9%, Poor : 0%
Workshop Enables Better Teaching
Agree : 56%, Strongly Agree : 36%, Neutral : 7%, Disagree : 1%
Adoption of Material for Teaching
Agree : 61%, Strongly Agree : 31%, Neutral : 7%, Disagree : 1%